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PauaFoam® Protective Sewable Lightweight Material 5mm

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Lightweight highly protective sewable material

Used in Military, Police and Industrial Products Worldwide

Discounts for Bulk Purchases Available (75 Sheets+)

Paua technology high performance inner foam is designed to provide additional cushioning protection in combination with PauaSkin. This special polypropylene formulation helps to further disperse impact energy and absorb any minimal reverberations that are not fully absorbed through the outer skin. PauaFoam is recyclable.

PauaFoam is used in Gun Bags, a whole range of Radio Pouches, Military Belts, AT&T Drone Boxes, Electronic Boxes, Bike Bags, Surf Bags, Sight Covers, Weapons Bags, Optics Covers, Camera Cases and many more.

Sold in roughly 1 Metre x 1.2 Metre Panels

Easy to cut and easy to sew. 

Paua Technology can be made virtually bullet-proof, with additional layers of top skin increasing impact resistance, stiffness and general protective qualities. 

The foam construction is optimised for stitching making this an extremely customisable product. PauaFoam is fully recyclable.

Also available in 10mm

Discounts for Bulk Purchases Available (75 Sheets+)

Please see seperate listings for PauaSkin