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UKOM / Von Wolf Armoured K9 Harness

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UKOM Vest Harness is available in various levels of protection including SP1 Stab & Spike, NIJ Level 2 Ballistic, Kevlar or Cut Tex. Cast approved Armour that meets the same specification for UK Police Officer Armour and above.

Cast Approved Body Armour for dogs that meet UK Police specifications for human Body Armour 

UKOM / Von Wolf Vest Harness is available in various levels of protection including SP1 Stab & Spike, NIJ Level 2 Ballistic, Kevlar or Cut Tex.

The vest is designed to allow the dog their natural abilities of being fast and agile for maximum effect, designed around our standard vest harness (see spec sheet) featuring parachuted rated V – rings, Cobra Buckles, Molle on both sides, rear leg straps, Velcro patches, attachable buoyancy packs and camera mounting.

This harness is made from all rated materials allowing the harness to be used operationally for securely lifting your K9 in many situations including fast roping, lowering into areas, tag and drag, abseiling.

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Spec Sheet:
Mesh – Black
Mesh MTP/Erebis
Cordura Black
Cordura MTP
Cordura Desert DPM

All above UK manufactured  (Currently manufacture official MTP Cordura)
Alternatives include Crye Multicam (standard), Crye Multicam (Black), Crye Multicam (Arid)

50mm Straps around body tensile strength
Black - 1835.48918 Kilograms
MTP - 1295.03959 kilograms – to be used on
Black 45mm Strap runs along the top of the harness with Parachute V Rings attached
Tensile strength (Minimum breaking strain) 3000 Kilograms

Resistant to chemicals and grease. Impervious to mildew, rot and bacteria. Lightweight and flexible.
Wear and tear resistant. Temperature resistant between -60c and 90c.

Austrialpin Cobra Buckles
Patented AustriAlpin COBRA® quick releases are, without equal, the safest, most finely crafted, and strongest load bearing buckles available anywhere. They are also the only stab-lock style fastener in the safety products market that will not open while under load. SPECIFICATIONS - exceeds EN 358 - exceeds ANSI z359.1 - exceeds CSA z259.1 - exceeds NFPA 1983/2006- - Mil-Spec Salt Fog, Blowing Dust and Sand test certified- ISO Quality Control (89/686/EEC Art.11B) - made in Austria - CNC milled for extreme performanceand flawless precision- 7075 aluminium with inox & brass components - ultimate safety - WILL NOT open under load - no unsafe, sub-quality inputs

50mm Cobra Buckles will have large clips allowing easy open with gloved hands in total darkness.
Parachute Harness V Triangle – Proof Load Test 2500lbs – Camium Plated
Any plastics that are used will be manufactured by ITW Nexus were possible
Kevlar - Kevlar 300g 2/2 Twill Aramid Cloth. Kevlar will be double on all parts main parts throughout.
Harness to be tested for slash and load bearing on completion. Minimum load bearing based on products used is 2500lbs (1133 Kilos) however testing should prove higher.
The harness will be able to be adjusted to take soft ballistic armour and or Ballistic plates.