UKOM Sniper Bean Bag (EMPTY) - Shooters Bag / Rest

UKOM Sniper Bean Bag (EMPTY) - Shooters Bag / Rest

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UKOM has designed and brought you this item as there are none currently made in the UK and the innovative design allows you to carry this filled or empty allowing it to be transported on foot with minimal weight disadvantage.

Price From: £11.99
Price From: £11.99



These types of Sniper Bean Bags have been used world wide over time and allow either the stabilisation of your weapon if used on the front, or manage the elevation if used on the rear.

Most Sniper Courses stipulate on their kit list that a Bean Bag/Shooting Bag is to be brought.

UKOM do advise it to be filled with small polymer beads (Bags available filled on separate listing) unless you need to carry it on foot long distances.

The Bag is made from military high grade Cordura

The UKOM Sniper Bean Bag has a velcro opening and closing strip located underneath the carrying handle and this allows it to be adjusted to the amount of filling you require and also allows Military operatives to carry it empty into position and then fill with whatever is handy whether that be soil, sand or mud and it will still achieve the required results.

It can be used horizontally or vertically to manage elevation and is an exceptional item for stabilisation. If precision Marksmanship is needed or there is a chance you could be firing resting on a ledge or window etc etc the UKOM Sniper Bean Bag is for you.

Manufactured 100% in the UK

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