UKOM Multicam - Triple 30 Round 5.56mm Magazine PLCE Ammo Pouch

UKOM Multicam - Triple 30 Round 5.56mm Magazine PLCE Ammo Pouch

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UKOM (UK Outdoor Manufacturing)


Manufactured using Official Crye Multicam (Perfect Match for MTP)



This magazine pouch will hold three 5.56mm 30 round Magazines


Pictures show magpuls polymer magazines however it will hold all metal magazines as well


Universal Ammo Pouch, can be mounted left or right


PLCE T-Bar fittings on the rear allowing it to be used on the British military issue PLCE Belt


Standard belt loop allowing it to be placed on any belt


The PLCE strap with pull the dot fastening will also allow this pouch to be fitted to a Molle vest or battle belt.




Official Crye Multicam specification 1000d IRR Cordura


ITW Nexus Quick Release Buckle


ITW Nexus square ring (to attach yoke, if needed)


Official PULL THE DOT fasteners


PLCE T-Bar fitting


Webbing loop for all belts


Padded rear and top flap


Velcro closing (cover placed to ensure no sound is made unless needed)


Blow through bottom grommet for maximum sand and water drainage


Military specification thread used throughout


Holds UP TO 3 (three) 5.56 - 30 round  MAGS


L85A2 / M16   Emags/Pmags and all 30 round variants


Other Colours available: Olive Gree, Red, Woodland DPM, Black, Multicam/MTP, Auscam, Desert DPM and more