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UKOM Law Enforcer Belt (45mm / 1.75")

As low as £120.00
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The UKOM Law Enforcer belt is ideal for anyone in the Public Services or Law Enforcement role. Also a great EDC Belt.

The UKOM Law Enforcer Belt is a great lightweight belt that easily fits on Police or Security style Trousers.

The webbing is doubled and a special layer is sewn in between giving the belt extra stiffness, this layer allows the belt to be comfortable but also prevents the webbing rolling when drop legs and holsters are attached.

100% Manufactured in the UK using the highest quality products available. Lifetime Guarantee 

The buckle is the AustriAlpin Cobra 45mm/25mm that allows its to easily fit through all trousers, The AustriAlpin Cobra is the ONLY side quick release in the world that will not release accidentally by human or mechanical error when under load. * Patent Protected Design and Engineering * 18kN or 4000lb (loop configuration) / 9kN or 2000lb (direct load) * Lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy * CNC machined (not forged) for perfect consistency and flawless operation * Precise action brass release mechanism

The webbing used for the belt exceeds 6000lbs breaking strain and is stitched using military specification thread.

The belt uses military specification hook and loop Velcro.

Available in Grey, Black and Olive Green.