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Snugpak Insulated Tent Boots - Snugfeet

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Snugpak Snugfeet
Lightweight and compact insulated boots
There’s something extremely rewarding and comforting about slipping into a pair of Snugfeet at the end of a long day trudging through hills and mountains.

Fully insulated to keep your feet toasty warm, the synthetic filling stands up well to getting wet so you can also use them outside your tent (when nature calls!).

If you suffer from cold feet, they are soft and lightweight, and the fully insulated fabric makes them an ideal alternative to traditional slippers.

Size Chart: 
Small - UK 0-5
Medium - UK 6-8
Large - UK 9-12


Weight Small 0-5: 240g / 8oz

Weight Medium 6-8: 280g / 10oz

Weight Large 9-12: 340g / 12oz


Fully insulated for warmth and comfort

Easy to pack – the soft, durable material allows them to be squashed down to take up virtually no space in your rucksack

Protect your groundsheet by moving around your tent in Snugfeet tent boots instead of your hiking boots

Fabrics & Insulation

Outer Fabric: Paratex Light, 100% Nylon

Inner Fabric: Paratex Light, 100% Nylon

Insulation: Softie® Premier, 100% Polyester