FMA FXUKV Safety Lite

FMA FXUKV Safety Lite

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Fantastic little waterproof safety light



The FMA Range is designed for Airsofters but this is one of those super little products that can be used for a whole range of activities

Either will show as constant bright light or flashing light

Ideal on the range for the Military, as a safety light when out walking, in industrial environments.

Sealed Waterproof bendable unit

Velcro backing to allow it to be fixed to any loop surface.

Lanyard points and string to attach to rucksack, webbing etc.

Comes with batteries fitted, so you can continue to run about 120 hours (Not replaceable) 

Body with velcro hook on the back, it can attach FXUKV to any velcro loop

Flash in the pattern;
Battery CR2032 include
Green / Blue