Fidlock Snap Male S Screw Low Alu 05043

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Fidlock Snap Male S Screw Low Alu 05043

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The Snap Male S Screw Low Alu Product variant features an impressively simple, anodized aluminium cap and can be used for materials ranging from 0.5mm to 1.5mm thick. The fastener is compatible with all Snap female S components.



The versatile SNAP fasteners are suitable for many different applications, for example to close or combine bags or clothes or attach skiing goggles to ski helmets. It is also possible to fasten accessories or larger objects such as an optional outside pocket or a keyring to a rucksack, a footmat in the car or an easily removable bicycle basket. Fitting: The SNAP male S screw low alu can be fitted by means of a threaded swivel and a face spanner. It is compatible with almost all available SNAP lower parts excluding SNAP female secure.

Customization: Product designers are provided with the adequate versions and fitting types for different materials and material thicknesses. Further possibilities are opened up through product variants with high-quality metal covers in different materials and refined surfaces (brass, aluminium – for example brushed, polished, anodised, chrome- plated or gold-plated). The individual, attractive product design means that Fidlock SNAP fasteners can also be used for especially exclusive products.

Technical Data

For material thickness 0.5 - 1.5 mm

Diameter 18.5 mm

Hole circle diameter 8.0 mm

Material Aluminium: anodised, turned, PA66-GF

Colour: on request

Weight: 3,30 g

Load capacity: 2,00 kg

Article Number: 05043