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Kong Ovalone DNA Twistlock - Twisted body

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A twisted bodied carabiner connector, with a Twistlock opening.

Kong Ovalone DNA Twistlock - Twisted body


Special “helical-shaped” connector with a twisted carbon steel body and circular bar, a must-have when an “offset” load is required. It permits 90° rotation of any connected device (descenders, rope clamps, fall arresters, etc.), optimizing the operating alignment. Available with Auto Block (3 movements) and Twist Lock (2 movements) sleeve, conform to CE or ANSI standards. High quality product, made in Italy!


Recommended for

Sport: Activities

Adventure parks


Professional: Work activities

Scaffolding and trestels, Metal structures, Confined spaces, Treeclimbing/arboriculture, Cableway evacuation, Sailboats, Roof and inclined planes, Rope Access