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Day 19 and unlike the last 2 Saturdays we have been working, when I say we, none of the full time staff have been in the unit however 2 students that work part time for us have opened up selected and packed all orders.

The interesting thing is neither of them has too, they won’t lose their jobs if they don’t come in today and neither would I say are desperate for the money.

Both students have worked for Contact Left since a young age doing weekend work and holidays etc. I don’t know if they read the blog but if they don’t need the money it’s one of 2 things, they are completely bored out of their skull at home or they feel they should be working as we are sending out so much stuff to the Police and those in the military. I haven’t asked the question and I am not going to either as I only really thought about it while I was writing this just now. Due to the first lot of hand sanitizer coming in last week and 10 pallets due in on Tuesday both myself and Sean have our work cut out to ensure we firstly get this in on Tuesday and then get it out to the Police, Care Homes, businesses and the general public who have bought it and having today off for both of us is help, both students will be in tomorrow as well and now I think about it, they have probably done 8 days straight come tomorrow and by Friday they will have done 13 days straight, in the past 3 weeks the only day they have had off is Saturdays.

I would NEVER EVER say that anything in the slightest is positive from COVID-19 but what is does show you is that everyone around me is stepping up, even writing this I feel like a bit of a fraud as I have been gardening, it’s like an escape from reality. Logging into the computer tonight brings me back to real life as we know it.

For those manufacturers that are reading this today I saw an Instagram post of a company making Face Masks using the Fidlock Hook 20 buckle on the back anyone out there who is making Face Masks or considering it have a look at the Fidlock Range, the magnetic technology makes it probably the most hygienic way of fastening a Face Mask on. I have been in communication with a manufacturer today that already had plans to use them (I wont give their name out, as I don’t want to be accused of favoritism) but they are a game changer. I haven’t seen anyone use an AustriAlpin one yet but the fashion model would look super cool on one.

Thanks again for everyone who reads and shares this blog, as a small business owner all I can ask is that you are showing the other businesses the same support as us. Many Thanks for everything David

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