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After the previous days of frenzy at Contact Left today seemed eerily quiet and although the general orders are still there it’s as if you can see the drop about to come. Most people will have still got a full wage last month and won’t be spending it on going out or leisure activities so they are still buying odd bits off us.

We have been starting a bit earlier the last few days to try and get through all the messages etc, I can’t think how long the shortage of staff will go on for but everyone who is in is doing fantastic. Rob who was off on leave for a few days last week is back in and is a god send, we retail and distribute various buckles and fabrics, the AustriAlpin Buckles and the Fidlock would be the most popular and those at home watching Netflix right now we supplied all the buckles for Lost in Space series and have supplied some buckles to all the Star Wars movies that have been made of the last couple of years. Going back to Rob, the latest Fidlock buckles we have got are all coded but they are so similar in design that it’s so easy to make a mistake but Rob has become a bit of an expert on these and we are lucky he is back as the fabrics and buckles are definatly still selling, more people are staying at home and are making their own products and hopefully one positive thing that is coming out of COVID-19 is that more people are sewing.

Some of the fashion belts out there are selling for £325 (ALYX Belt) and they are using what I would call copy buckles but you can buy an AustriAlpin or a Fidlock Buckle off us, 2 Triglides and a piece of webbing and you can make your own. A 40mm Width Fidlock Belt for example, you can make your own for under £10 and an AustriAlpin one for under £25. There is a lot of satisfaction in making your own product and with a belt you don’t even need a sewing machine.

Leading on from making your own kit and the satisfaction it gives I am not too sure the head of manufacturing would agree with that right now, the person I am talking about is an absolute genius when it comes to sewing and we have no shortage of orders in the manufacturing and without being arrogant this is due to the quality of the samples we have made. We currently have outstanding orders for Hats, Bags and Rucksacks for the Police, not to mention finishing off the slings. Today we picked up contracts for Handcuff Pouches, MP5 Mag Pouches and drop leg Medic Pouches again for the Police. The issue that COVID-19 presents here is new members of staff although very good at their jobs need to be shown how to make these, trying to teach someone how to sew something while ensuring social distancing takes place is not the easiest thing to do.

As I have been posting the Blogs later and later (This will actually be published on the 2nd) we are getting less views but the ones who are reading it are still putting us in touch with businesses and individuals that want our products. And was great to see an email come through for Sean, this evening asking about his printing work.

Anyone at home at the moment with any free time, have a look at the materials we sell and make something, we can do a video on how to make a super fashionable belt. Tomorrow I will write the blog on why and how we started selling are own branded Coffee.

Stay Safe David

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