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A Guide to your Perfect Sleeping Bag

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When choosing a sleeping bag that is the best fit for you, it can be very overpowering due to all the different sizes and features which you must consider when buying your perfect sleeping bag.

First you need to choose the style/shape of your sleeping bag. There are two main styles; the first a simple rectangle shape which is the most basic sleeping bag it allows you to be able to move your feet and not feel claustrophobic in your sleep. You can also get this style in a double allowing you to sleep next to your partner or simply to give yourself more room. The next style is called a ‘Mummy’ sleeping bag; these are shaped to go thinner towards the bottom of the sleeping bag where your feet go this stops convection currents cooling the air therefore keeping the air warmer and closer to your body resulting in you staying warmer.

Next you need to think about what time of year you are going camping so as you can get a sleeping bag with the correct insulation temperature for you. For example sleeping bags can range for a 1 season use to a 5 season use, from summer camping to extreme freezing temperatures.                                

·         1 Season Sleeping Bags- these are considerably more compact and light weight for uses in the summer seasons or when camping abroad in warmer countries.

·         2 Season Sleeping Bags- these sleeping bags are typical good for camping between early springs to late autumn times of the year and are usually good for family camping trips.

·         3 Season Sleeping Bags- these sleeping bags can be used in mild winter evenings and are typical recommended for school trips and expeditions.

·         4 Season Sleeping Bags- these are a thick sleeping bags which are usually used in the winter were temperatures can drop below zero.

·         5 Season Sleeping Bags- these sleeping bags are used for high mountain uses and for camping trips when the temperature can reach extreme conditions below zero.

Comfort and extreme ratings offer the best chance to pick a sleeping bag which is right for your own personal body temperature. If you find you are more prone to becoming cold in the night then choose a sleeping bag which has a high comfort rating, to help you keep warmer. The extreme ratings on sleeping bags are just a guide as men and women’s body temperatures can range dramatically at night, but you yourself know who much you feel the cold and the comfort ratings offer you help when choosing the right sleeping bag for yourself.

The next factor may seem silly but it is very important. It is weather your sleeping bag has a left or right handed zip. If you have the wrong sided zip then it can be very awkward to zip up and down your sleeping bag. The rule to prevent this happening is; left hand zip for right handed people and

right hand zip for left handed people.

Another factor to consider is the weight of the sleeping bag if you are backpacking far distances then you won’t want to be lugging round a really heavy sleeping bag. You will also want to consider the size of the sleeping bag you don’t want it to take up all the room in you backpack as you will need room for other items. For thicker sleeping bags then a compression sack can help reduce the volume of the sleeping bag creating more room in your backpack.

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