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After yesterday’s drunken blog I thought the today especially with the unit closed for selecting would be quieter however first thing this morning I am phoned by an MoD planner reference an item they would never buy from me normally but due to shops and others closing they need us to supply, I won’t say what the item is as to avoid everyone speculating on why the Ministry of Defence doesn’t have enough of them. Like everyone they depend on supply chains and no one ever saw this coming and definatly didn’t see everyone shutting down in a state of emergency. As long as we can get them on Monday morning the MoD will pay £24 instead of the standard RRP of £39.99, we are making a margin on these items but hopefully not fleecing them, COVID-19 aside, from a business point of view we want them to come back for more and more stuff. Its not about the quick buck, if Contact Left survives this COVID-19 if it wants to make the big money its need to be big orders at low margins.

Another reader of the blog has put a contact our way and they have just ordered 300 bottles of the 500ml hand sanitiser and may want to put a much order in, on Monday. I have never been that great at marketing but the blog is really paying off and a lot of customers are being referred to us by readers. Thanks for everyone who text me last night after I drunkenly put my phone number on.

So over the past 12 days peoples buying habits have changed, items like Air Rifle Pellets and Targets have grown massively along with water carriers, shemaghs. Also we are selling items that we have never normally sold online and this is due to other sellers that have temporarily closed their online businesses. What we expected to happen 2 weeks ago is happening a lot of items that were popular sellers have stopped completely, I won’t mention the brands as we sell a lot of niche products from small manufacturers and I don’t want to discredit those brands here. My belief is when this is all over those products will continue to sell again but the military right now has changed its role so the average military person isn’t going on promotion courses or exercises so they don’t need certain items like they used to. They do however need other items.

Over the next 3 to 4 weeks what will happen is online shops will start discounting more and more, take advantage of this everyone as the shops big and small need you to buy this stuff. Small businesses like ours have loads of stock that when things go slow we can offload you are not taking advantage we wouldn’t be selling it if we didn’t need the money. Certain brands that haven’t sold well when the going is good will be offloaded or maybe just certain items from that brand. It will stop becoming about profit margins and more about keeping jobs and paying the rent.

Thanks everyone for reading and share the life out of this, hope you all have a pleasant evening. Cheers David

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This is the first blog I will write under the influence of alcohol, I started drinking about 2 hours ago, I can thank Roger Waters for the spirits he brings us every year it’s like petrol but mixed with a bit of cola and ice its okay, and I have just come off a Face time beer with Stefan from Fidlock where we put the worlds to rights and as always Fidlock are offering us any help they can with our struggles with the problems our business is facing due to coronavirus. This morning I am speaking with AustriAlpin about buckles, yesterday Mike from combatsystems.cz is messaging me offering support. What is truly amazing is that our European brothers and sisters are offering so much help. I have always ensured the Contact Left is neutral in regards to political opinion for many reasons, first being that I understand completely peoples differing views, and a retailor is to serve the customers not sway how they vote and secondly because I didn’t think it would help sales giving any opinion but right at this very minute I think we need to be closer to Europe than we have ever been.

To sum this week up, due to a technicality we have not got the Half a million pound order we thought we may get, massive shout out to Sean for all the hard work he put into getting in the running for it and the gentleman who put us forward for it, it was directly from writing this blog that we had the opportunity to put in for it. We have manufactured a massive amount of kit for the Police and got to give a shout out to Jen for that (Don’t worry loads more orders I haven’t told you about yet)

This has by far been our busiest ever week, not in turnover but in adjusting to what is happening with the world we have never needed to borrow a penny before and never had an overdraft so I have never put any contingency plans in place but trying to do this on the hop is not easy, the companies we do have credit with are reading this blog and offering us more, currently we are okay and today have paid all the wages for this month and I am 99% sure we will be able to do the same next month.

Today we found out one of our key suppliers Highlander Outdoor are continuing to operate which is fantastic as everyone who needs water carriers, camp beds, bags etc this is where they are coming from. They supply various items that are supplied through us on contract to UK Special Forces.

As we see the UK death toll in the UK moving towards 200 a day its really frightening as a business, I am confident that all Contact Left staff are practicing social distancing outside the work place and we have plenty of hand sanitiser and facemasks on site for everyone, it is still likely that if one person catches it we all will but we have increased measures to prevent this happening and they will further increase next week.

I have to stop writing this now as its difficult to focus on the letters on the screen due to the increased alcohol consumption, for anyone that is sat bored at home, my phone number is 07595895522, I am going to have a bite to eat now and I think every Friday night going forward everyone should have a Skype/face time beer.

In the last 5 days we have changed dramatically and its now impossible to go back to what we were, Contact Left has been forced into changes and has evolved into something far stronger than it was 2 weeks ago

Take Care, Stay Safe David (I am off to get smashed)

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Would have gibbed todays blog off but if I don’t do one day I probably wouldn’t have continued and although the point of this was to drive traffic to Contact Left now it’s a way for me to keep track of what’s actually going on and hopefully give an insight to anyone that wonders what it’s like to not know whether you are actually going to be running your business with 10 or 3 people tomorrow, or if it will be running at all.

First thing is we could close right now and put everyone on furlough and hope the government hold their end of the bargain and pay 80% wages of the staff, but really how long will they pay that for? It’s not an option. Right now the supply chain across the UK is crumbling; we are getting to the point now where it will be quicker to buy essential items from China as no one in the UK is still open. Our manufacturing arm UK Outdoor Manufacturing (UKOM) are proud to make everything 100% in the UK, but the demand far outstrips capacity, the constant worry across the UK more so than ever is that we are unable now to manufacture so many items here. Every day I get emails from Chinese companies offering support to the COVID-19 crisis in the UK and offering to sell me face masks.

We currently have 6 members of staff either self-isolating, flu or on childcare duties, I am not complaining they are off as its all for valid reasons but I was worried 10 days ago about firing staff and how to reroll them, now Contact Left only has a 50% workforce with only a small drop in orders and plenty of work to do. In reality if we are going to provide a service to the military guys and gals that buy from us and complete the Police purchase orders we need to keep the retail side going from a mail order point of view. But we do need to be more efficient and the weird thing about all of this is when we come out at the other side, we will be a stronger more productive company.

On a positive note we got 3000 bottles of 50ml hand sanitizer in today and a few of the 250ml so those of you that have ordered these sizes, its been dispatched. I had over ordered this because this was my opportunity to sell a load on EBAY at £20 a bottle and go into hibernation with Disney+, but I made the fatal error of offering it to the Police, they bought 2000 straight away at £1.85 and I sold 420 bottles to the local minimart round the corner, previously they were both paying over £3 a bottle. We still have a few left in both 250ml and 50ml on the website but I am leaving the 3 week turnaround on there so if there is a mad rush people will understand.

We are struggling with processing some trade requests still, but with us panic buying everything from water jerry cans to fabrics this week it’s been really hectic. We have had to disable so many products a lot of time has been taken up stopping us being productive. I know we are still to quote 1 Police Force on shooters belts (If your reading this it will be done tomorrow) and another I have sent the wrong inner belt sample to, again I will sort this. But now is the time that we will really start to need everyone’s help, come next week we expect the sales to have fallen dramatically so if you know someone with a shop or a business tell them to get in touch to buy our super strength hand sanitizer. Those of you that havnt got face masks check out the reusable pocket ones on our website.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, social distance, share the life out of this

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Will keep this really short, if you want to know how today went at Contact Left? Pretty much the same as yesterday.

The readers of this blog are fantastic with all the messages etc and yesterday Phillip who is serving in the UK Military and manufactures a range of military and law enforcement products offered to make some of the slings that we have on order from the Police, he said he would do it for free just so we can get them out quickly to them. His company is Tactical Wolf, give them a follow on Facebook. Fidlock a German company contacted to ask if we need help with anything. I get similar messages and offers from loads of people far too many to mention or this would become an advertising blog, I thank you all.

We managed to get the Police Baton round vests posted today and gave the Police who visited some free face masks and hand sanitizer. I also spoke in detail with members of a couple of Police forces about the breakdown in the supply chain at the moment with so many businesses that don’t deem themselves essential and are not working. I find it extremely disheartening to see nurseries closing that take kids from essential workers and classing this as to protect their workers. I do understand protecting the workers but the parents of those children can’t do their job now and I wonder if some of the nurseries are doing this based on profitability on having so few kids in.

Nothing to do with Contact Left but while you are reading got to give a massive shout out to all the people who have volunteered today to help the NHS and other areas that are in essential need at this time.

In coming years the question will be asked. “What did you do during COVID-19?”

Thanks for reading and keep sharing and stay safe

PS My wife reckons the long blogs are boring however based on who read yesterdays, the long ones get 10 times more reads.

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Lock down, its heart breaking really, we will stay open in a manner and today have finished Police Baton Round vests that they desperately need. These vests are manufactured on our premises and we have 5 other orders to be manufactured just for the Police including 150 slings that we are part way through (If you are reading this)

It would be great to just shut up completely now for 3 weeks, pay the staff claim 80% back off the government and away we go again but who is going to fulfill the orders for the Police, I have invested just about every penny in the hand sanitiser that will arrive next week and there are shops and individuals that are desperate for it, I received an email today from a lady who’s autistic child gets anxious when he runs out of hand gel. I first bought all the hand sanitiser to keep the company going now I have created something that we have to fulfill whether it would be financially viable to continue or not.

With the lock down now in its first phase it’s not profitable to be open as a retail outlet and the online orders will help but to what degree I don’t know as most of the suppliers have shut, several have said that if we receive Public Service orders that they supply they will open just to get those orders out to us.

Today we took down years of work and while I sometimes just live in a bubble of what I think I have created I lose sight of the staff and after we he had disabled years’ worth of work today Contact Lefts manager said he could cry, that’s exactly the way I have felt all day without realizing its other peoples years of work as well, he started as an apprentice years ago and now runs the place it must be heart breaking. The head of manufacturing/head designer who’s prioritizing what work needs to be done for the Public Services coming in day after day to make sure that the Police have the right kit, these actions aren’t done because they are looking at making loads of money. The same people worked late after major terrorist incidents in the UK to make sure kit got out.

Loads of messages today from people offering us help with delivering orders if we need it, shops that we supply telling us they are closing but will still pay all their bills, the list goes on.

To everyone who we haven’t replied to in an email or any trade orders that havnt been invoiced yet, we will get them done tonight or early tomorrow. For anyone that thinks we shouldn’t be trading at all right now, God will be our judge and believe me the last thing I want to do is go home from work and pass this virus onto my family or vice versa.

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Today is another day that is hectic, I write this as we expect the government to announce lock down, in what form I don’t know.

We have 3 off work and only 25% reduced orders so there is no time to get everything done, I speak to people at Contact Left and they are unsure about what’s happening and ask me, I don’t really know myself, I don’t fully understand the direction the government is giving but right at this minute there is no need to lay any staff off. The sales of Face Masks have allowed one member of staff to work from home but we have not had enough orders to reroll anyone yet.

The work from home is something that I never ever wanted as in reality there are loads of legal implications behind it however the member of staff who is going to work from home probably isn’t going to sue us and as they took work home with them they informed me that they were okay if I didn’t pay them.

The one other member of staff who is working from home (My Wife) has a 2 year old child to look after and the emails aren’t coming through on the lap top and does anyone really think you can effectively work with a 2 year old running around??? So after a day of that the only option is to catch up in the evening.

The massive order we hoped would be placed with us for the hand sanitizer from a massive UK company looks like it probably won’t come off, this is even though we are the cheapest to quote. I was hoping this would be the order to keep us going through everything. Not the end of the world though there are still plenty of orders coming through from shops and small businesses for it.

Sean spoke to me this evening about how (as we are not doing too bad at the moment) we can support those working in high risk environments especially as we are selling items that are directly related to this Pandemic. We will now donate 1 Reusable UK Made Face Mask for every 10 we make to someone who is working in a care home or medical profession. I am sorry that we cant give everyone one but as long as we can afford to do it we will do this.

We are getting loads of people getting businesses to buy off us and this is keeping us going, loads of people sharing our posts and still loads of ideas coming through, I have made Docs item but not listed yet (Its coming soon) and Amy from Derry/Londonderry has recommended us making some videos of the kit we have, we will definatly be doing that.

As I get ready to hear about Lock Down on tonight’s 2030hrs government briefing, I hope you are all well and thank you for reading. Please keep sharing this blog and recommend us to everyone.

P.S The person who was stood about 2 inches behind me in the que at the shop tonight if your reading this please practice social distancing, if you had stood that close to me when I was 20 years old I would have knocked you the f@~k out and there wasn’t even a virus around then.

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I have to be careful that I keep this blog about the effects of the coronavirus on Contact Left and not a personal rant about the goings on in the world, I am sure everyone has an opinion on today’s goings on.

Today the the Co-Owner must go into Lock Down, this is completely understandable but is an effect, luckily if able a lot of work may be able to be done from home but unlike before will not be able to come to the unit at all. As of today we have 3 staff that can’t come onto the premises, first child care, second in the at risk group and another today because they live with someone who may have the Virus. Above all else forgetting about work I wish we could just close down for 2 weeks and everything right itself but that’s not going to happen as this is the long haul.

6 days ago when I started this blog it was solely about keeping the business going and everyone paid even though I had an idea this was coming weeks ago I don’t think I saw the extent of this or how bad the Pandemic was going to be. There is no room for error now, we have at least 7 unfulfilled contracts to the UK Public Services this includes, Baton Vests, Boots, Bags, Hand Sanitiser, Hats and some others, we have to fulfill these the best we can and keep providing these items. Today in Manchester a 7 year old girl was stabbed to death, the Police still have horrific crime going even in this pandemic time, I only hope it doesn’t get worse but Contact Left must support our public services more now.

Another act of kindness, Jeremy who is a self-employed dog handler drove out of his way to buy from us today, phoned first to say what he wanted, waited outside the shop and then contact less paid, had a chance to chat to him with good distance between us, his work has dried up as he does a lot of sporting events with his dog but still went a couple of hours out of his way to put money into Contact Left and his partner who is from a retail background gave me some excellent advice on what I may be able to do going forward if we struggle.

As always everyone, keep any ideas coming on what you think we should sell at this time. Anything that you think will be useful to yourself or to the public services let us know and we can either get it in and retail were possible or make it. The face masks that were put forward are selling well.

This week will be a big test for any small business that is staying open in these times and we will only make it with your support, that doesn’t mean you make a sympathy purchase, it means share and promote and support all small businesses that are still going.

Thanks David

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Today is really a day of thanks to everyone who has read and shared this blog, we didn’t open to the public as a shop today but we have still been receiving orders and thanks to yesterday’s blog we have made a fair few sales of the reusable face masks. Not quite enough to reroll someone but a few sales is better than none. Yesterday our sales dropped below the same time for last year but today they have risen against the same day last year at this time, I shared the Hand Sanitiser post on Instagram and Facebook and this has proved successful, it looks like people don’t mind the wait on it compared to the ridiculous prices shops are currently selling it for, also it is amazing how much fake hand sanitiser there now seems to be. What I will say is support businesses who are selling at normal pre Pandemic levels, share their posts not the ones charging criminal prices.

Do any of you want us to do a video on how to make the face masks, it’s something you can do at home, I for one can’t sew but I know many of you have sewing machines and will be able to make them yourselves. Even without a sewing machine check out the link I put on yesterday’s blog reference the best filters that can be found in the household. Not going to replace surgical or industrial masks but worth having the knowledge as this virus doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

While I was at work I got a call from Gary who owns a shop we supply RV3 BRECON, he said he was reading the blog and wanted to tell me that he is going to continue to buy stuff off us and wanted to check up on me to make sure I was alright. This is a shop on a military camp and if they close training down on Brecon it will vanish, the majority of his sales are from their shop on camp but he does have an online shop. I had to get off the phone to him as I thought I would cry, a small business that is far worse affected by the Pandemic than Contact Left is phoning us to say they will support us in whatever way they can. I encourage everyone who reads this to go and look at http://rv3brecon.co.uk/ and if you need anything give them a call.

Lots of items are selling well, like Air Rifle Pellets, Targets, Survival Fishing kits and loads of water carriers. Day 5 we are holding our own still.

I am writing this blog to ensure Contact Left keeps going and I want you all to share but right now we are doing okay, we will pay the wages this month no problem. If the business fails I need to know I have done my best to keep it going and keep everyone I can in work. It’s your ideas that are keeping us going but think of all the other self-employed and other small businesses as well, next week my mum (Co-Owner of Contact Left) will pay her hair dresser as she can afford to do that but is in a very high risk category so won’t be getting her hair cut. I know the government seems to have promised the world this week but look at Day 3’s blog on how I got on with trying to get an overdraft. All that glitters is not gold.

Thanks everyone for reading this and please share the life out of it and keep your ideas coming in on what we can make, buy in to sell or anything else that we can do at this time


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So before we get onto today at Contact Left, the government have announced that they will pay 80% of wages for laid off staff, this is a relief that if we have to lay people off they will still get some money however the whole reason for this blog is too keep people in work not lay them off. The biggest drama we have is trying to keep people in work but have them working from home especially as this seems to be getting worse by the day.

We can’t do much of our work at home especially the manufacturing but today we made a Facemask that you would use a household product to put inside and it will give some filtration. Information on this link https://smartairfilters.com/en/blog/best-materials-make-diy-face-mask-virus/ will give you details on the research they have published but please do your own, you don’t have to buy a Face Mask from us, have a look at the above link and make your own, but please share the item alongside this blog https://www.contactleft.co.uk/reusable-uk-manufactured-face-mask-with-filtration-pocket.html

This is an item we can teach members of staff to make using a domestic sewing machine and they could make them at home, we need enough orders for this to be feasible but even a few orders right now will help keep us going. Your thoughts on what you think of the product would be good.

So everyone is pulling out all the stops, the slowdown in sales has allowed us to market the Hand Sanitiser to big companies and we are still looking for the massive orders, the price will go up on the 29th of March from the manufacturers but we WILL STILL ONLY APPLY THE NORMAL MARGIN. People are phoning complaining that it’s a 3 week wait but there is nothing I can do about that. Someone phoned on Monday and didn’t order when there was only a 2 week wait and today wants to order but gets irate when I say it’s now a 3 week wait from placing the order. The hand sanitiser is UK manufactured and 100’s of thousands of bottles are being ordered weekly from the manufacturers, I don’t have the cash to order any until the £22000 order I put in is delivered and paid for and the only extra I can order is what’s paid for.

One of our key members of staff will be unable to continue to work as they have a young child who has come out of nursery and even if we can argue the case that they are a protected job and get their child in nursery we would be lying as her role will not affect our delivery of goods to the Public Services, that is unless we have sickness or staff off in other areas so it’s a complete nightmare but we do have others that can help out at the moment.

Contact Left Limited never shuts its doors to the Public really (Only odd days), I have opened every Christmas Day 0900 – 1300 for the last however many years and even made a few sales but tomorrow this will not happen. I will still go over and print labels at some point and will be available on the phone but the shop will be shut. We will look at working extra on Sunday and being more efficient.

The effects on us today UK sales dropped, international sales risen, lots of people phoning up from people who are reading this blog so please keep sharing it and sending ideas in, without everyone doing this we would not be doing half of what we are doing. Any big or small companies needing hand sanitiser (and everyone else) send them Contact Left's way. Thanks David

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I will keep this short as I have a banging headache as today along side the normal orders and the increased orders we have had from the people who are sharing this blog and Facebook posts I tried to put some contingency in place in regards to cash flow and I spent exactly 3 hours and 52 minutes on the phone to the bank.

Contact Left has not unlike some business’s gone into free-fall with the effects of COVID-19 however we are as a business stock piling, we are stock piling materials for trade customers, a lot of our trade customers who manufacture we are their lifeline and we can’t let them down. We are stock piling packing materials, from a retail point of view we are stock piling any item we think will sell well during the Pandemic but if we have a number of days without sales our cash flow will dry up. Spending 10’s of thousands of pounds on hand sanitiser without anything back for it doesn’t help either. I have to have some fall back in regards to cash flow or at least know what we have access to so I called the bank.

After 40 minutes on hold I get through to a business advisor who first runs me through security questions I can’t answer, then when I eventually confirm who I am he asks me what I want, I said I want to know whats available from the government announcement on support for small businesses, they told me they had no direction and were hopefully getting some direction next week. So I asked what our overdraft limit was, I was told we don’t have an overdraft,( it’s worth noting we have never borrowed a penny or ever had any government grants since we have started) So I asked can I have one and was met by the response how much do you need, I explained I don’t need one it’s just this coronavirus thing has the potential to cripple us and I want to know about what’s available, turns out they can’t tell you this, you have to ask for an amount that you think you will need. I say how about £40000 overdraft, I am told point blank if it was up to him he would give it to Contact Left as we are such a good account, but he can’t as it needs to go through a specialist business advisor and as I have asked for more than than he can approve. I ask how much he can approve, he said £25000, I said that’s great I will have that, he says I am sorry can’t do that as you have asked for £40000 you need to speak to a specialist. You can only imagine the conversation as I say I don’t need anything right now, I have been on the phone for an hour just give me the approval for £25000 and I will be on my way, no joy I get transferred. On hold for an hour this time, call gets answered I am met with the same security questions that I fail to answer, this time I have to get on the other phone to my partner who helps me answer the next lot of questions, then when I have confirmed who I am, I get told that I have come through to an overflow so they can’t do anything either and I am put on hold for another advisor. Finally 2 hours 40 minutes later I get through to the Specialist business advisor and amazingly I answer the security questions on my own, I explain about the business and that I just need to know what I can have, the figure of £40000 comes up as that’s what I mentioned to the first advisor and for me to get that they say I have to look at putting some sort equity like my house up against it (Don’t think my house is worth that much anyway), I explain I don’t NEED anything, I just want something in place in case I can’t pay wages etc, I am run through a number of things like factor invoicing and other things that just take money off us, the conclusion is I can’t have anything. I then asked do you not let businesses have overdrafts and they said they do but not £40000 without equity etc, so I said can you not give me 20 grand then?To which the reply was you never asked for that. Guys my head felt like it was going to explode, eventually I was told I could have a £20000 overdraft at something like 9% which means for every £1000 we are into the overdraft we pay £0.27 a day in fees. During this call the banks computer crashed as the Bank of England dropped the interest rate, didn’t drop for me though. If I used the full overdraft it would cost me £1971 a year, I only want the damn thing so that if things get really bad I can pay the wages. Next I am told there is a £380 setup fee, I said I was told earlier that overdraft set up fees are free at the moment, I was then told that’s only to businesses that are suffering with the effects of coronavirus, my headache is getting horrendous at this point I feel like I am coming down with something myself. I then explain I have £20000 worth of product in the USA I can’t fly out as the airline charges have gone up, I am stood next to two 8 foot pallets of packing materials that I have panic bought, that I am worried sick of what happens if deliveries stop coming etc etc, in the end the fee are waived as it is deemed we are effected by the coronavirus. In all fairness the lady who spoke to me was great but they have their hands tied. 3 hours 52 minutes later Contact Left has an overdraft facility. It’s worth noting that the banks are being hounded by already failing companies (Pre COVID-19) that are trying to take advantage of anything that’s on offer.

We are so lucky with the team here at Contact Left, as I am on the phone they are doing their best to do what I would do and what is becoming apparent is the young (and older) are pulling together and making things happen, including not only quoting for new orders and ensuring the daily tasks are carried out but bringing in toilet roll, working extra hours and really stepping up the game, we had a member of the Emergency Services in today and were I would be speaking to them or trying to sell something the guys and gals are sorting it out without me.

One thing that came up today from a customer was why don’t we put are prices up for items that are fast selling now, although prices on hand sanitiser and some other products are rising due to the cost of plastic bottles for example, we will not under any circumstances raise our margin. I am writing this blog and looking at whatever products Contact Left can sell for the sole reason of being able to keep everybody employed! Not to make loads of money at this time. We will still be trading in 12 months and Contact Left with the support of our customers will hold our heads up high and hopefully get our loyal customers coming back again and again.

I have put the Hand Sanitiser into stock on the retail site, for everyone that is buying it please remember there is a 2 to 3 week lead time from date of purchase, we are only ordering and paying for the hand sanitiser as we get payed orders and I thank everyone of you that has bought today.

I was going to talk about the product we made this morning for the medical industry but I didn’t get any good pictures so havnt posted it on Facebook yet but will try for tomorrow, it’s great.

Those that think they are going to isolate and have a garden, think about fire starting kits you can do with the kids in the back garden, making nettle string, building dens, these are activities that will keep your kids and yourself busy. There is a real risk these days to just sit in front of the TV and mong out, there is so much you can do in the garden, even a camo net and some cam cream will keep kids and adults entertained for hours.

Thanks again everyone, the only reason Contact Left is holding its own on day 3 is the support you have given us sharing this blog and sending companies and customers to us. Please keep this up and let me know what you think of today’s NOT SO SHORT blog.Thanks and Stay Safe David

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