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Viper Ripstop Poncho - V-CAM

In stock

Poncho offers a good means of shelter

Press studs located on either side

Cord adjuster for hood to enable customisation

Metal eyelets on edges

Complete with drawstring carry pouch

Made from waterproof ripstop Nylon

The Viper Poncho in V-CAM is a reliable and versatile piece of outdoor gear that provides an excellent means of shelter. Crafted from waterproof ripstop Nylon, this poncho ensures you stay dry and protected during unpredictable weather conditions.

Equipped with press studs on both sides, the poncho offers convenient closure options, allowing you to secure it in place and create a sheltered environment. The cord adjuster for the hood enables customization, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit that suits your preferences.

With metal eyelets on the edges, the poncho offers durability and versatility. These eyelets allow for easy attachment and setup, enabling you to use the poncho as a makeshift tarp or for other creative shelter solutions.

The Viper Poncho in V-CAM comes complete with a drawstring carry pouch, providing convenient storage and portability. Whether you're on a camping trip, hiking adventure, or simply need a reliable emergency shelter, this poncho is a compact and lightweight solution that you can easily carry with you.

Embrace the practicality and functionality of the Viper Poncho in V-CAM, with its waterproof construction, adjustable hood, press studs, and metal eyelets. Stay prepared for unexpected weather changes and create a sheltered space wherever your outdoor pursuits take you.