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Ultimate Performance Advanced Patella Knee Support

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Advanced Patella Support

One Size Fits Most


Support Level 3

Advanced Patella Support


Wicking, breathable, comfortable and highly supportive.


The Advanced Patella Support is possibly the most comfortable and supportive patella strap on the market, maximising support for the patella tendons – walking or running – while ensuring a full range movement. The moisture wicking fabric prevents overheating and the build up of sweat, even when worn all day and pushed to the limit. Adjustable for perfect fit and required compression.


Support Level 3 


Wear instructions: Wrap support around leg just below patella (kneecap). Adjust tension to requirements and secure with velcro.


Contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reaction in some users. If skin reaction occurs or pain persists, discontinue use and seek medical advice.



Support Level 1: Basic

Support Level 2: Moderate

Support Level 3: Pro

Support Level 4: Ultimate