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CL Military Type III 550 Polyester Paracord (Multicoloured)

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Diameter: 4mm
Weight per 1 metre: 6.6g
Material: High quality polyester
Breaking force: 485lbs (220kg)
Structure: Rope Sleeve is 32-strands, Core contains 7 core threads.

Polyester is more than a popular rope for outdoor and sports. Its functionality and practicality.

     ☑️ 100+ applications
     ☑️ polyester fibers in the composition
     ☑️ withstands 220 kg at break, while remaining light
     ☑️ core threads - functional, used as fishing line, thread for sewing wounds/clothes


This product was made for:

Tourists and survivalists - polyester is here for you to:

  • Make a fishing net
  • Make a trap for birds and small animals
  • Tie up brushwood
  • Attach items to your belt/backpack
  • Set up a tent, pull a hammock
  • Make a bow to light a fire by friction
  • Towing cargo: Kayak, boat, bicycle, light motorcycle

Handmakers - polyester will help you create:

  • Key chains, lanyards, bracelets
  • Individual products for sale, survival, household
  • Decor items

Manufacturers - Polyester is needed for:

  • Football, volleyball and tennis nets
  • Hammocks and other hanging furniture
  • Various attachment systems for backpacks
  • Fixing sails on masts

Servicemen - Polyester is used to:

  • Bandage a broken limb
  • Create a stretcher for the wounded
  • Pulling out one of the seven strands of the paracord core allows you to use it for suturing
  • Apply a tourniquet to stop blood
  • Pulling out military equipment
  • Replace worn out or torn laces
  • Acts as an emergency supply of rope in hot spots
  • Make a temporary weapon belt if the old one is worn out

Sold in 10 metre, 30 metre, 100 metre and 300 metre spools.