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PAIR CYFLECT High Visibility MOLLE Strips

In stock

Fits to just about any pack, bag, bike etc etc. Really handy to have as a safety aid at night.

UK Manufactured MOLLE Strip with Cyflect Reflective and Glow in the dark material


Covers 3 strips of Pals/MOLLE with hook and loop on the reverse


Cyflect is a material that is photoluminescent and retroreflective. This means that it reflects light from its surface and glows in the dark. CyflectTM material is waterproof and holds reflective properties when wet. CyflectTM is the only product where 100% of surface area reflects or glows and is visible through fog & smoke. The material is rechargeable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and recyclable.


Fits on any PALS/MOLLE surface but also onto just about anything else. As the back has hook and loop on it will fit on just about anything.


Ideal to be used a safety aid at night when walking. Easily Removed, easily attached.