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Official Cadet Forces Medal Miniature Medal + Ribbon

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100% UK Manufactured

This Medal is an Official product that is 100% made in the UK, Die Struck and Medal Office Approved

This is the Official MoD approved  Cadet Forces Miniature Medal 

Comes complete with Ribbon

The following people are eligible for The  Cadet Forces Miniature Medal :

Cadet Forces Medal (CFM)


Cupro-nickel and circular in shape. The obverse of the medal shows the crowned effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse (shown here) bears the inscription 'The Cadet Forces Medal' and a representation of a torch.


Bears the image of the Queen's Crown. When the ribbon alone is worn, a silver rosette denotes award of the Clasp.


Green with yellow edges, with narrow stripes of dark blue, red and light blue superimposed.

Qualifying criteria

The Cadet Forces Medal (CFM) and Clasps are awarded to officers and uniformed adult instructors in recognition of long service of proved capacity in the Cadet Forces. 12 years reckonable service is required for award of the medal. 6 years further service is required for award of each subsequent Clasp. Prior to 1991, 8 years service was required for the Clasp.

Service after the age of 18 as a cadet will count up to a maximum of 4 years.

Service in the Reserve Forces, Regular Forces, OTC and University Air Squadrons which has not been used as qualifying service towards any other medal (eg LS&GCM or VRSM) may be used towards CFM up to a maximum of 3 years.

At the discretion of Service Boards the following are not counted as breaks in continuity of service for the Medal:
- any break which does not exceed 6 months
- breaks of up to 3 years by reason of change in place of residence or change in civilian employment. This should be verified when an application is made.

For award of the Clasp, service does not necessarily have to be continuous.

The award of the CFM is governed generally by Royal Warrant dated 19 November 2001.