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Official 1939 - 1945 Miniature WW2 War Medal and Ribbon

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100% UK Manufactured

This Medal is an Official product that is 100% made in the UK, Die Struck and Medal Office Approved

This is the Official MoD approved 1939 - 1945 War Miniature Medal

The 1939-45 War Medal


War Medal. The obverse of the medal shows the crowned head of King George VI, while the reverse bears a lion standing on a dragon with two heads, above are the dates 1939 and 1945.


In the colours of the Union Flag, a narrow central red stripe flanked by narrow white stripes, wider blue stripes and then red.


The War Medal was awarded to all fulltime personnel of the armed forces wherever they were serving, provided they had served for at least 28 days between 3 September 1939 and 2 September 1945.