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Modestone Waterproof 25 Metre Targets - 35 x 40cm - 10 Targets

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Modestone all weather targets tolerate rain, snow, dirt, and mud.

35 x 40cm

Pack of 10

Targets are tear-resistant and long-lasting due to their exceptional durability.

Shooters benefit from the new target material in several ways; targets are easier to fasten since staples do not rip the material. They can be left outside in any weather for as long as needed since they are totally insensitive to water. These targets can be stored outside or in an open shelter without the risk of wrinkling, shrinking, or curling in humid environment.

The hit marks on Modestone targets are clear and crisp since the synthetic material is very different from tradional pulp paper containing wood fibers which often tear around the bullet hit mark.