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Kombat Thermal Long Sleeve Top - Black

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Kombat black thermal long sleeve

Military colours

50% cotton, 50% polyester

Matching thermal long johns also available

Cold Weather Military Thermals. These thermals made by Kombat UK for military use are a blend of cotton and polyester. Polyester-cotton material is a blend of both fabrics. When the two materials are blended, the wearer gets the benefits of both polyester and cotton fibers in one fabric. Not only are these thermals warm they are also extremely durable When combining polyester with cotton, the result is a stronger material, which is durable cotton combined with polyester is less prone to pilling and static.

This type of fabric keeps it shape and color longer, and it doesn't shrink. Blended products last longer than cotton. These thermals / long johns are ideal not just for the military but also for anyone who works in, or enjoys the outdoors.
Sizes available - Small - Medium - Large - Extra Large - Extra Extra Large