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ITW Nexus Tan GhillieTex IRR 20mm Ladderloc

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ITW Nexus 20mm Coyote Tan Ghille Tex Ladderloc

Ghille Tex Ladderloc Original ITW one piece buckle which allows infinite strap adjustment and then locks firmly in place.

Rapid single-handed release (MOD Approved)

Material GhilliTEX IRR Delrin 500T (MOD Approved)

GhillieTEX™ product line offers the cloaking benefits of IR signal reduction, increased field durability and the high quality standards that has become synonymous with ITW Nexus. Our troops and first responders must trust the equipment they rely on everyday.

These products have been designed to enhance survivability in the fierce environment of today’s battlefields. ITW Nexus are the world leaders in plastic hardware for the Military and Outdoor Market, there products are much sought after and all the best Military and Camping manufacturers use ITW Nexus buckles and other plastic hardware.