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Fidlock VACUUM Pack - Car Vent Base + Smartphone Case - Magnetic Phone Holder/Case

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Fidlock VACUUM Pack consisiting of the car vent base and smartphone case.

Fidlock VACUUM Car Vent

Magnetic smartphone base for car vents. The VACUUM phone mount uses a unique combination of a suction cup element and magnets to securely attach phones to your car vent. 

The VACUUM car vent base consists of a ball head and claws that are clamped into the car’s ventilation panels. This connection is securely fixed with a locking ring. The smartphone is thus quickly and easily attached to the dashboard of the car and is the perfect navigator on the road.

  • For the installation to the car’s ventilation panels
  • No interference with electronics
  • Fits all VACUUM smartphone cases

VACUUM magnetic smartphone case.

The case for the VACUUM smartphone mount.

The slim case protects the smartphone on and off the base. The understated elegance of the inconspicuous case with a shock proof TPU surrounding is accompanied by the decorative as well as practical ratchet and recessed geometry. Soft material on the inside of the case protects the phone’s backside.

360° rotatable when mounted

Slim design with shock-proof surrounding

Anti-scratch fibre inlay

No interference with electronics

Fits all VACUUM bases

Use the smartphone case with the Handlebar base or Ahead Cap Base and thanks to the ingeniously simple combination of magnetic force and vacuum pressure, the smartphone can be operated with one hand and is 360° rotatable, while a ratchet prevents it from rotating during the riding – even on rough trails!