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Fidlock V-BUCKLE sewable 40 LL black flap + pull tab - FV-12403

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Fashionable and functional fastener for countless creative textile applications.

The V-BUCKLE sewable 40 LL can be sewn directly onto materials and features a male part designed for 40 mm webbing with a ladder lock for an adjus-table strap. Therefore, this V-BUCKLE, featuring a black stainless steel flap, is a fashionable and functional fastener for countless creative textile applications such as apparel or bags. The sewable female part fits all V-BUCKLE male parts.

Technical Data

For strap width (male part) - 40,0 mm
Dimensions (W x L x H) - 47,2 x 80,0 x 16,0 mm
Material - PA6, PA66-GF, stainless steel
Static Breaking Load - up to 60 kg
Fitting - sewing & strap
Weight - ca. 29 g
Colour - black
Opening - lift

The breaking load depends on (and may var y on) the way the product is stitched to the fabric. Not suitable for safety-related applications. Available with or without pull tab, hole dimensions: 4 x 2 mm.