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Fidlock V-Buckle - 25 Split bar + Pull Tab, Stainless Steel - V-11202

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The V-BUCKLE product family can be used for versatile products. Possibilities include application areas such as footwear, apparel, bags, sports & outdoor gear and carrying systems.

Due to the split bar, this fastener can be retrofitted– eve the end customer. As an ideal premium option, the V-buckle 25 splitbar also offers simple retrofitted assembly on the production side. All V-BUCKLE female parts fit all V-BUCKLE male parts.

The V-BUCKLE is simply attached to the relevant straps. Depending on the combination of single bar and ladderlock components, the straps can be adjusted on one side, both sides or feature no adjustability.

Not suitable for safety-related applications.

All V-BUCKLE female parts are compatible with all V-BUCKLE male parts.


Sector – bags, footwear, apparel, sports, outdoor, professionals, transportation, medical, children

Opening mechanisms - lift

Webbing width - 25 mm

Weight - ca. 25 g

Dimensions (L x W x H) - 72,0 x 34,0 x 14,0 mm

Material - PA66GF30, stainless steel

Static breaking load KG - depending on application

Colour - black/stainless steel

Assembly – strap, ladderlock, hooked in