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Fidlock TWIST Single Bottle 600 - Bottle for Magnetic-mechanical Bottle Mounting System (no base) - 09644

In stock

Fidlock TWIST 600ml transparent black bottle ready to fit all Fidlock TWIST bases.

Twist Single Bottle 600ml

Delivery without any Fidlock TWIST mount. The single bottle comes with the modular system and is ready to fit all Fidlock TWIST bases.

  • 600 ml volume
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free polypropylene
  • Fits all TWIST bases

The TWIST bottle 600 revolutionized the bike bottle. Without the conventional bottle cage, this magnet-mechanical bike bottle system offers a new kind of freedom in handling and application. Thanks to the modular set-up of TWIST, one interface offers many possibilities of attachment. All that is needed is one of the different bases and a modul with a connector.

The TWIST principle

TWIST freed the bike bottle from its cage! By substituting the big and old-fashioned bottle cage with FIDLOCK’s tried and tested concept of all the fun and power of magnets with a secure mechanical locking, FIDLOCK reinvented the way we shred on bikes. All it needs is the 16 g light base, which captivates with its small and minimalistic design.

Strong magnets attract, center, and latch different modules magnetically to the base. The mechanical locking keeps the module securely attached to the frame. This ensures comfortable and safe handling, even under strain. 

TWIST modules can only be removed with one simple clockwise “TWIST” to the side. Even small and thight frames that offer no space for conventional bottle holder cages can be equipped with a water bottle.