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Fidlock SNAPSNAP Camera Strap

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Reliable equipment for more concentration for the perfect shot: the SNAPSNAP camera strap provides more balance and comfort when taking photos.

With the patented system, magnetic-mechanical mounts on the camera strap connect to matching counterparts on the backpack. This distributes the weight of the camera onto the shoulder straps, relieving the neck. The camera sits closer to the body and swinging is significantly minimised. The fasteners release automatically as soon as the camera is lifted straight up to take a photo.


  • patented technology for neck relief
  • optimised weight balance of your camera equipment
  • close fit to your body for less camera swinging
  • easy individualisation for ergonomic and secure fitting
  • flexible application with all common cameras and backpacks
  • special neck support made of soft silicone


Scope of delivery

– 1x strap with neck support

– 2x male connector

– 2x female connector

– 6x silicone fastening strap

– 2x glider lock

– 2x key ring

– 2x silicone ring