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Fidlock SNAP Male M Sewable 05453

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This SNAP male M sewable is ideal for diverse textile applications, such as apparel and bags.

The SNAP male M sewable is the ideal fastening component for textile applications. A sewing strip and alignment aid facilitate quick and easy fitting. The SNAP male M sewable needs to be combined with a female part of the same size (M) - compatible counterparts are the SNAP female, SNAP push female, and SNAP pull female components.

The SNAP male M sewable is sewn under the material (underlay) and features an alignment aid for easy fitting.

Please note that the load capacity and the suitability of the SNAP fasteners are dependent on the size of the components and custom application on the product.

Not suitable for safety-related applications.

SNAP fasteners always require a combination of a SNAP male part and a female part of the SNAP, SNAP pull or SNAP push product families.

Sector – medical, bags, apparel

Opening mechanisms - slide laterally

Weight - ca. 4 g

Material - PA6

For material thickness up to 2,5 mm

Static breaking load N - 147 N

Static breaking load KG - 15 kg

Colour - black

Assembly - sewing