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Carinthia Observer Plus Bivy Bag Olive Green

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92331 - OG
The perfect bivy bag with self-standing double pole support.
Colours Available: Olive Green

Oberserver Plus: The perfect bivy bag with self-standing double pole support. 2 tent poles form a small dome at the head end which provides enough space for the user to handle a rifle or other piece of equipment. The bivy bag slopes down from the shoulder to the foot end thus preventing straight lines which are easily spotted.

The L-shaped opening makes it convenient to get in and out of the bivy which can be closed with 2 zippers. All zippers are protected by a specially designed storm flap to make the front allow an observation range of 180° that can be closed completely in bad weather. The user´s rifle and telescope can nevertheless still be placed in position through an obersavtion split. Both the obersvation opening and the access opening are fitted with a mosquito net. There are 5 loops on the bakc of the oberserver to hold the insulating mat in place


A bivy bag can be necessary if you do not find a site for a tent, are forced to sleep outdoors or just don’t want to carry a tent. That means a bivy bag can be essential for comfort and for survival! Carinthia use only best materials available on the market: GORE-TEX Gas Permeable Technology is a unique three-layer laminate, absolutely waterproof and extremely breathable. Unlike the GORE-TEX Membrane, that is used for clothing, GORE-TEX Gas Permeable Technology is air-permeable As a result, their bivy bags can be closed completely, providing absolute weather protection along with great comfort.



  • 3 Layer GORE-TEX Laminate
  • Outer fabric: 100% PA 6.6
  • Funktional layer: ePTFE based membrane
  • Bottom lining: 100% PA 6.6
  • Dimensions (cm): 240/104/75
  • Pack size (cm): 35x12
  • Weight (g): 1.750