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AustriAlpin 38mm/1.5" Pro Style Matt Black Cobra Buckle - Male Adjustable Female Fixed With Black Clips

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AustriAlpin Cobra buckles (patented) are, without equal, the world's safest, most finely crafted, and strongest load bearing quick release fasteners available.

The new adaptions to the patented locking mechanism allow for easier locking, which can be confirmed by the distinct 'clicking' sound made when properly locked. One-sided locking of the buckle is essentially impossible. The COBRA® PRO STYLE 18 kN distinguishes itself by the high flexibility between the male and female parts while the buckle is closed. All COBRA® PRO STYLE 18 kN buckles are compatible.

The COBRA® PRO STYLE 18 kN is thicker and even stronger than the COBRA® PRO STYLE and complies with the ANSI Z359.12-2019 standard with a minimum tensile strength of 15 kN. However, we guarantee 18 kN and point this out in the technical specifications accordingly.


  • Both clips need to be pressed at the same time to open the COBRA®. One-sided release by pressing only one clip is nearly impossible.
  • A release under tension is impossible.
  • A one-sided locking is nearly impossible. Locking is confirmed by a distinct “clicking” sound.
  • The cut-out on the backside of the COBRA® PRO STYLE prevents dirt, dust, ice or snow from getting caught in the buckle, which increases the extreme performance capabilities and lifetime even more.
  • All sizes and variants of the COBRA® PRO STYLE 18 kN are compatible.

use cases:

PPE, Fashion, air sports, tactical, equipment

Technical specifications

Main material - aluminium / ktl-coated

Main colour - black

Breaking load tensile strength - 18kN

Weight - 82g

Recomm. webbing width male part - 38mm

Recomm. webbing width female part - 38mm

Technical design male part - adjustable

Technical design female part - non adjustable

Size of clips - standard