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25mm / 1" Black Metal G Hook

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Fantastic metal hook that is used in a massive range of applications.

G-hooks offer compact webbing mods connecting with a simple hook to 25mm (1 inch) webbing and offering 25mm (1") slots to connect additional webbing.

Example attachment points include the sides of tac-vests or up on shoulder straps (packs or vests). Since metal, the G-hooks are very flat compared to a typical Side Release Buckle attachment.

G hooks are used on a wide range of kit and are ideal for belts, making attachment’s to your gear, weapon slings, dog leads and hundreds of other uses.

The G Hook in short is a fantastic piece of kit to be used on quality products

Great strength to weight ratio

The G Hook has a tensile strength of 70kgs / 154lbs

Lightweight at 12 grams