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25mm / 1" Lightweight Metal HK Snaphook

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This HK Clip was designed to meet the needs of sling and strap applications that require a quick-on feature with spring loaded retention gate.

 Military specification Snap Hook

Designed with slot to take 1" / 25mm webbing

The HK Hook is ideal on slings for use on a range of eyelets used on Heckler & Koch weapons alongside SCARs, SIGs, and a wide variety of other weapons that use similar eyelets.

A wide range of weapon sling use these snap hooks.

This lightweight snap hook weighs only 17 grams but has a breaking strain of 45kgs

This type of hook also has a wide variety of applications for military and law enforcement kit and is also used in the outdoor industry and on fashion items.

Weight: 17 grams.

Tensile Strength 45 kilograms.