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127mm / 5" Original Multicam Elastic (With Cupping)

In stock

127mm / 5 inch Single Sided Original Multicam Elastic (Cupping Issue / see full description)

Original Crye Multicam Elastic

In stock now: 5" MutiCam® Elastic. These goods have 4.70" - 4.80" width variations.

Also, a "cupping" issue - the cupping issue shown in the 2nd picture is the elastic at its worst point. We have 1000 yards of this and this picture shows the worst of the batch.

The Manufacturers (MMI Textiles) describe it as "The print quality is great - it’s the quality of the elastic itself that is the concern. It’s not a true 5” on top of the cupping issue"

We see no problem at all with the elstic just the cupping which you can iron out and once on a product doesnt show and the size being between 4.7 and 4.8 inches. But its a great price.

No Returns

Military Specification

IR Compliant

Sold by the metre, if you buy more than one it will come on a continous length. 

MMI Textiles frabics are used by the Military and Law Enforcement throughout the world alongside a whole range of other users

Made in the US by MMI Textiles.