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1.4mm Curv Tactical Protective Sewable Lightweight Material (Black/Silver) 136cm x 150cm

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Curv Tactical™ can be used in anti-ballistic applications and in conjunction with puncture-resistant materials such as Aramid fiber. It can also be used as a stiffener in bags, backpacks, holsters, ballistic vests and more. Because of its unique mono-construction; Curv Tactical™ can be sewn, glued, laser-cut or thermoformed for precise fitment. High stiffness, high tensile strength, superior impact resistance and formability with extremely low density are all highlights of Curv Tactical™.

Curv Tactical has a high level of impact resistance 

A high Cut Resistance, Penetration Resistance with exceptional abrasion resistance.

Curv is a lightweight easily sew able protective material that can either be covered or  used as an outer in its own right. 

Curv is used in Gun Bags, a whole range of Radio Pouches, Military Belts, Drone Boxes/Pouches, Electronic Boxes, Sight Covers, Weapons Bags, Optics Covers, Camera Cases and many more.

Sheets are 1360mm Width x 1500mm Long

1.4mm Depth (Up to 3mm available)

Black one Side, Grey/Silver the other.

Curv is 

Puncture resistant

Flexes repeatedly without fatigue or failure

Does not crack


Holds fasteners without pull-through


Maintains its strength in extremely low temperatures


Easy to cut and easy to sew. 

Curv is a material that combines the versatility and recyclability of a 100% thermoplastic with the high performance of a fibre reinforced composite.


In a patented process, where fibres are melted together, Curv captures the mechanical properties of woven polypropylene fibres in a self-reinforced polypropylene matrix.


High stiffness, high tensile strength and high impact resistance provide the possibility to produce lightweight parts with outstanding properties in a totally recyclable thermoplastic.


Advantages are:

– Weight saving: nearly 50% of weight is saved when comparing Curv to glass reinforced materials.

– Environmental friendly: being 100% propylene, Curv is easily recyclable, both as factory waste and as consumer parts.


– No irritation: because of the lack of glass fibres, Curv is skin friendly and easy to handle. Additional coating is not required


– Thermoformable: Curv’s thermoforming characteristics enable parts to be produced using low pressure, low cost tooling at modest temperatures.

Curv is applicable in for example the automotive industry, for sports equipment and for travel gear.