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A6 - Printed CONTACT REPORT Plastic Battle Slate Card

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UK Manufactured Double Sided Waterproof, Weatherproof Slate Cards

UK Manufactured Slate Cards 

Contact Report

All headings on one side to give initial contact report in the correct sequence 

On the reverse it is intentionally left blank for you to record any other information that may be useful prior to giving your report.

These cards are suitable for all ranks in all arms and services. 

These cards are 100% UK Manufactured and alongside being a waterproof weatherproof solution to taking notes and recording information the cards are virtually unbreakable, flexible and lightweight. These cards will last you a lifetime.

Size and Use

Size: A6 - 105mm x 147mm

Double sided

Using the cards

Any type of pen or pencil can be used on the cards and a normal rubber can be used Pencils are ideal however permanent markers work fine and an alcohol based cleaning solution is advised to give the cards a good clean.

Other types and sizes available