UKOM 60" Kryptek Highlander Roll Pin Belt

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UKOM 60" Kryptek Highlander Roll Pin Belt

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100% UK Manufactured 




  • This belt is longer than most other Roll Pin belts with its size from Buckle to live end 60" making it 10" longer than standard Roll Pin Belts.

  • This belt is both extremely hard wearing and also soft enough to worn just as a belt.

  • Will fit any size up to 60"  

  • Super Strong materials used throughout

  • Buckle will not come undone

  • Lightweight



 About KRYPTEK Highlander

The Kryptek Highlander ™ camo pattern is designed for the elite Soldier in transitional terrain with the purpose of improving stealth and enhancing survivability, ultimately increasing the lethality of the user. Kryptek™ camo patterns provide a tactical advantage to the Operator by reducing visual acquisition through the combination of proven camouflage concepts, scientific principles and field testing. The Kryptek™ designs incorporate proven principles of visual deception based on mimicry of foliage, animal, marine and geographic visual qualities. These principles have been combined with evolutionary concepts and fused with state of the art technology to offer the utmost in effective concealment in differing environments.