German Military Foldable Sleep Mat

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German Military Foldable Sleep Mat

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One of those must have items wether you are in the military or doing just about anything else in the outdoors



A folding sleep mat designed for the German Military however suitable for everyone.

This mat is ideal for those in the military as its lightweight and really easy to fold and packaway saving loads of time on a bug out/crash move.

Its weight and time saving means its also great to take on patrol and use as a sit mat

A mat is a necessity for everyone providing insulation from the floor. This is when sleeping, sitting down for a while havin a brew/wet, lying in an FRV, Lying in an Ambush the list is endless.

This Mat can be folded so it sits under your smock if you are in an Ambush or FRV etc.

When rolling a conventional issue Roll Mat up in the dark you collect a large amount of leaves, foliage etc, if you have to move in a hurry it can be a nightmare rolling your mat up tying it and attaching it to your bergen.

Its ideal to use when weapon cleaning or just sitting and having a Contact Left Coffee with your mate.

But most of all its lightweight so not only saving space its easier to carry and functional.

  • Foam kip mat / sleeping mat
  • Fold up as opposed to rolling
  • Laid out: 190 x 55 cm APPROX
  • Folded up: 38 x 27 cm x 3.5cm APPROX


All of the above makes this ideal for campers, hikers walkers and those going on expeditions.

Or anyone who just wants a handy mat to keep in the car.