Luminae Protective Apple Watch Strap - Crye Multicam Black

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Luminae Protective Apple Watch Strap - Crye Multicam Black

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Protective Apple Watch Strap/Cover. Tactical strap that fullys protects your watch and looks good aswell.



The Luminae Protective Apple Watch Strap.

Designed for Military use with military specification materials.

Suitable for EVERYONE.

Manufactured 100% in the United Kingdom.

Moulded plastic cover, ensures no bangs, scratches or blunt trauma will affect the watch and provides maximum protection for falls and objects.

The strap allows the user to take part in the most robust of activities reducing just about all risk of damage to the Apple Watch.

The cover eliminates light  from the watch.

The underside of the strap is hollow allowing the watch to charge and to fully conect with wrist when on.

Fits all series/types/sizes of the Apple Watch.

So if you want a watch strap that gives maximum protection in hostile environments or just something that looks good? This is for you.