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This is the first blog I will write under the influence of alcohol, I started drinking about 2 hours ago, I can thank Roger Waters for the spirits he brings us every year it’s like petrol but mixed with a bit of cola and ice its okay, and I have just come off a Face time beer with Stefan from Fidlock where we put the worlds to rights and as always Fidlock are offering us any help they can with our struggles with the problems our business is facing due to coronavirus. This morning I am speaking with AustriAlpin about buckles, yesterday Mike from combatsystems.cz is messaging me offering support. What is truly amazing is that our European brothers and sisters are offering so much help. I have always ensured the Contact Left is neutral in regards to political opinion for many reasons, first being that I understand completely peoples differing views, and a retailor is to serve the customers not sway how they vote and secondly because I didn’t think it would help sales giving any opinion but right at this very minute I think we need to be closer to Europe than we have ever been.

To sum this week up, due to a technicality we have not got the Half a million pound order we thought we may get, massive shout out to Sean for all the hard work he put into getting in the running for it and the gentleman who put us forward for it, it was directly from writing this blog that we had the opportunity to put in for it. We have manufactured a massive amount of kit for the Police and got to give a shout out to Jen for that (Don’t worry loads more orders I haven’t told you about yet)

This has by far been our busiest ever week, not in turnover but in adjusting to what is happening with the world we have never needed to borrow a penny before and never had an overdraft so I have never put any contingency plans in place but trying to do this on the hop is not easy, the companies we do have credit with are reading this blog and offering us more, currently we are okay and today have paid all the wages for this month and I am 99% sure we will be able to do the same next month.

Today we found out one of our key suppliers Highlander Outdoor are continuing to operate which is fantastic as everyone who needs water carriers, camp beds, bags etc this is where they are coming from. They supply various items that are supplied through us on contract to UK Special Forces.

As we see the UK death toll in the UK moving towards 200 a day its really frightening as a business, I am confident that all Contact Left staff are practicing social distancing outside the work place and we have plenty of hand sanitiser and facemasks on site for everyone, it is still likely that if one person catches it we all will but we have increased measures to prevent this happening and they will further increase next week.

I have to stop writing this now as its difficult to focus on the letters on the screen due to the increased alcohol consumption, for anyone that is sat bored at home, my phone number is 07595895522, I am going to have a bite to eat now and I think every Friday night going forward everyone should have a Skype/face time beer.

In the last 5 days we have changed dramatically and its now impossible to go back to what we were, Contact Left has been forced into changes and has evolved into something far stronger than it was 2 weeks ago

Take Care, Stay Safe David (I am off to get smashed)

Paul Smith 7 months ago at 15:07
Thank you for, not just hanging on in, but for conscientitously grafting to do the right thing by everyone during this emergency. It's one thing to follow gov guidelines, another to "do your bit", yet incredibly more to go that much further - which is what you and your staff are doing.

A famous quotation by James Flecker illustrates it very appropriately, I think:
"We are the Pilgrims, master. We shall go. Always a little further..."

You're a star. Along with your staff. You have my thanks and respect. The country needs more people like you.

I've placed an order today - it's as much as I can do at the moment to support your business which is a VALUABLE resource to me. This order's presently low priority - please prioritise accordingly by the Covid-19 effort and the larger orders that help other businesses keep afloat. I've lots of kit to adapt/repair but, once done, I don't expect much of it to be used/needed any time soon. It won't break me.

Thanks for the information on DIY masks. As a carer for my elderly mother (Alzheimer's +), I do some work from home when I can. I've been wrapping a scarf round my face but now I'm better able to protect myself: forced to have to visit shops to buy food, catching this virus could well be a death sentence for Mum.

The sewing machine was the first machine tool I learned to use as a kid (my mother was a seamstress as was her mother). I've gotten Mum motivated to make reusable masks and we'll be re-assigning my precious day-glo mesh to make masks for family and friends, keeping Mum occupied and not worrying about family members. I've already cut out the lining of my old tracksuit bottoms for my own mask!

Keep up the good work, you really deserve the best of luck.
David Wilford 7 months ago at 05:05
Thanks for your kind comments
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