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The Breechtool™ original consists of three components designed specifically to clean the toughest to get at parts of your weapon system.

Proven through extensive trials, the Breechtool™ reduces cleaning times by at least 40%, and allows the user to streamline their WCK (Weapons Cleaning Kit) for the field, reducing weight and increasing efficiency.

This allows you to have peace of mind that your weapon system is cleaner than it ever has been before and you to focus on your routine.

At NHMD Ltd - the design company behind the Breechtool, we have always strongly believed that in order to concentrate at being the best at the toughest job there is as a soldier and weapon system user, you need have the best kit & equipment.

This starts in using the right tools for the job, that do what they say and more.

The Breechtool™ branded tactical equipment has been shown to work on all weapon systems with a barrel extension or 'breech chamber' and all our equipment comes with a lifetime warranty.

We are proud to say we also officially supply the London MET & Merseyside Police Tactical Fire Arms Units and officially supply and work with the West Midlands Police Tactical fire Arms Units.

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How to Prevent a Blister?

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Blisters are  definitely one of the most common down fall to hiking. Caring for your feet correctly and taking the correct precautions can certainty improve the quality and experience of your hike.

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Port Etiquette

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port decanter

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Survival Fire Making - Drinks Can

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Fire is extremely important in any survival situation. Having a fire will help the survivor both physically and psychologically. It is a fantastic morale booster, keeps you warm, dries your clothes, and boils water. We also use it for signalling, cooking food and keeping animals away. It is a necessity for anyone who could find themselves in a survival situation to be able to light a fire with various means.

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Ranks of the Police Service

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With slight differences between the Standard British Police, the Metropolitan Police Service and City of London Police its worthwhile familiarising yourself with the rank structures

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How To Shape a Beret

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With so many styles of military beret around I would not dare to tell you how to style your beret. There is however a straight forward method to shape it (below), this should ensure your beret is not ruined in the process. As for style I would look to see what most people within your unit are doing, commonly the cap badge is above the left eye, and realistically that is where it should be. However some unitshave individuals that prefer it other ways. If in doubt ask your senior ranks.

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