6 Sided Super Alloy Fire Starter Striker

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6 Sided Super Alloy Fire Starter Striker

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The worlds best Fire Striker!

Must have for any survival kit including the military.



This is the highest grade striker available on the market, this striker is made from TOOL GRADE STEEL and has a distinct hardness, is resistant to abrasion and will hold its cutting edges. This striker has an exceptionally long life span and will outlive anyone who buys it.
Due to a lot of poor quality strikers available the manufacturers invented this very useful tool - FireSteel Super Alloy Scraper Blade to maximize a shower of hot sparks when you scrape against our Misch Metal rods, ferrocerium rods or firesteel rods etc etc
Thier professional team took nearly 18 months to design, research, tests, develop blueprints to prototypes, finally to the mass production of the most effective super strikers for firesteel: 
6 striking edges, at times you may not be able to figure out which blade is up in the dark or in an emergency. With this striker  no matter whether you prefer to use your left hand or right hand to scrape, the blade is square with both sides a sharp 90 degrees to give six edges of striking force.  

Length 58mm (2 ¼ inches)

Width 17mm (3/4 of an inch)

Hardness of the Blade is over 50 Roackwell C

Compact Ergonomic handle with lanyard hole allowing you to attach it to your fire steel, key ring, dog tags, homemade bug out and survival kits and a whole host of other things.


 If you've ever used the light my fire (LMF), kershaw and other strikers, you'll know that they usually only have one effective side. So this little striker is great. The sharpness of the striker blade throws off a much more intense shower of sparks than I've ever gotten with my knife or any other striker."    

6 effective sides make this very easy to use at all times




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Brilliant - only striker I now use.
We use these for Cubs and Scouts to teach fire making. The striker makes it easier for the children to strike a good spark and we don't have to worry if their holding it the right way up or bother about left / right handed strikers.

I would recommend 100%.
Review by Roger / (Posted on 11/04/2013)